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In the Room...

When I saw a photo of this girl, in a gloomy, gray room, with improper lighting, dark gray skin, a complete lack of white balance and other shortcomings, I realized that I wanted to save her (yes, believe it or not, I love retouching every single day and I retouch not only for my customers, but also for myself, for my soul).

She is bright! She is absolutely bright and should shining like the sun in the room! It's just not visible yet :)

Natural Retouching - Original photo - Before the sun became the Sunshine
Original photography. Before the sun became the Sunshine.

Sunshine in the Room!

Working in Photoshop and using all the great tools that this absolutely fantastic program provides (thanks, Adobe!), I tried to breathe vivid colors and the feeling of the presence of the sun in the room into this shot.

Oh my, it's finally sunny!

Natural Retouching - Sunshine in the Room, Zoom In
Face Close-Up

Thank you, Wacom, for the incredible tablets :)

Click here to view "Sunny in the Room" in Before and After mode
Natural Retouching - Sunshine in the Room, Close-Up image
Body Close-Up